Sunday, December 18, 2016

Nobiscum Deus (Mt 1:23)

Christmas is all about relationships. The most important one is the relation with the Holy Spirit. If a person is united with the Spirit of God, he is also able to build a good relationship with others. Accordingly, love towards people shows that a man is open-hearted and friendly. Thus, a friend of God is at the same time a friend of people. Also such a person is in good relations with the family or community members. When the Holy Spirit dwells in the soul, the person takes care of others and does not allow anyone to suffer. In the mind of holy ones there are pure intentions so that those people are aware of the needs of others. The person who is fulfilled with the Spirit can recognize the gentle voices of angels and saints. Consequently, the man of God is never afraid because he follows the orders of the divine will. Overall, he remembers that the union with God leads to happiness. 

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