Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Beati estis (Mt 5:11)

Many people would like to become saints and this is a good desire. However, the process of sanctification is demanding. First, it takes courage to make a decision: yes, I want to make an effort and follow Jesus on the way up the spiritual mountain. Second, it takes time spent in prayer and meditation. Also, it is about building a community of believers who gather to pray together. Holiness requires regular and systematic work. The person who decides to become a saint knows his weak points. He is aware of being poor in spirit and therefore he needs the grace of the Holy Spirit. The candidate who chooses to be a blessing to others regrets his own sins and mistakes. He very often asks for the sacrament of reconciliation because on his own he is incapable of holiness. A holy person is usually meek and humble. He does not try to publicly display the treasures of his heart. Yet there great hunger and thirst for righteousness in his soul. On earth, the saint cannot be fully satisfied. Thanks to God's mercy, his heart is cleansed and in the Kingdom of heaven he will see God face to face. Saints are always the peacemakers and therefore rightly called the children of God.

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  1. Thank you Fr. Jozef! You hit on the right point as far as it sainthood concerns. To become a saint it demands personal will and the making of decision to take a step further to falling and getting up again and again.
    Good reflection.
    Shalom! May we all long for holiness and work toward it!