Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sermo tuus veritas est (I 17:17)

Your word is truth.

One of the most important gifts of prayer is a gift of truth. Thus during prayer we receive God's light for our minds. Furthermore, we become one with the One who is Truth himself. In such a way we transform ourselves to live according to the Truth. Moreover, God's truth guards us not to make mistakes. And we try to fulfill the God's will in everything we do. If we live in accordance with the truth, our joy is complete. And even if others do not like and do hate the truth, they cannot overcome us because we belong to God. In addition God consecrates us in the truth and makes us understand the Scriptures. Therefore we are ready to go and preach the truth to the world. Further, with truth in our hearts we are able to consecrate ourselves for others and for the truth. On the contrary, there are people who really want to pervert the truth and to have believers follow them. So even more we need to be vigilant and fight for truth. Also we are to help the weak and to keep in our minds every word of our God who gives power and truth to his people. Since he is trustworthy in his sanctuary and awesome in the skies. 

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