Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sicut dilexi vos (I 15:12)

Love one another as I love you.

I need to follow Jesus in his love to be ready to give my life for my friends. Consequently, my love should be greater and greater each day as he commands me. And as a result, I am to offer my strength and energy to the point of death. It means exactly to be a friend for others as Jesus Christ was in his life. Moreover, our relations ought to be based on the friendship and on openess of our hearts. Although, we cannot be forced to love, but our love must flow out from us as a stream. Because there is a deep need of our soul to follow an example of our Master's love who was like a lover looking for love in the human hearts. He did not force anybody to love, but only invited people to take care of others. In such a way, he made a lot of friends who became apostles of his divine love. Furthermore, God's Son showed us how our relationship with the Father should look like. That it must be grounded on mutual love and trust in each other. 

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