Thursday, May 10, 2012

Deducti ab ecclesia (Act 15:3)

They were sent on their journey by the Church!

To be a missionary is to be sent on your journey by the Church. Therefore, you never go by your own, because there are people in charge who are sending you. Such a mission is filled with joy and miracles of the Holy Spirit. Furthermore, you are not doing what is just your idea but also others. In this way community grows and the Church is strengthened too. As member of one family with sisters and brothers you feel that God is working and supporting you. Also this mission of the Church fills your heart with happiness and peace. And God meets with you in his holy temple and grants strength to you. It is a pleasure to cooperate with him and to be sent by his Holy Spirit. As a result you are grateful, because you are chosen by God for this special mission of the Church.

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