Sunday, May 27, 2012

Effundam spiritum meum (Il 3:1)

I will pour out my spirit.

The strength and grace come from God who is a source of everything what is good. He is our Creator and fills us with his Spirit. Therefore nobody can live without him at all. Moreover, he gives us ability to understand and comprehend the wisdom. However, it depends on us if we open ourselves for his blessings. Although grace by grace comes down like rain, many people do not want to receive it. Furthermore, miracles happen around us every day, but many do not see them or close their eyes. And God cannot enter our heart if we do not accept him there. Because he is too gentle and kind to force us to love him. On the other hand it is enough to call him only once and he is always very close to share with us his divine gifts. So let us ask him to send out his Spirit and to renew our face and heart. Let us pray to change our mind to follow him all the time. O my soul, bless the Lord who is great indeed, clothed with majesty and glory. You, my God, are able to grant me what I need the most. You fulfil my soul with good things, such as peace, love and joy. 

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  1. Helo Joe, thank you so much for sharing good reflections in your blog! I also praise God for everything He has given to us. Especially for His blessings today for celebrating the Pentecost: May the Holy Spirit, the giver of life and love come upon you and your country, and all your people. And may the same Spirit guide and nourish you with languages to speak God's love and share His abundant life with your friends who do need that love in your life. Happy Pentecost, and greetings from Riverside, California.