Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tu me sequere (I 21:22)

You follow me.

There are many followers of Jesus and each of them has a different task to fulfill. Since there is diversity of vocations in the Church and God has a plan for everyone. Sometimes we know this plan, but very often it is hidden. Although we would like to know exactly what we are supposed to do, yet God wants us to trust him and not to ask many questions. Therefore, the first thing we are to do  in the relationship with God is to gaze on his face and to wait for his will. And the best place to do so is his holy temple where we listen to his words and go to Communion. There he is waiting for us to enlighten our mind. In addition, if we strive to see him face to face, we need to prepare ourselves for this meeting. There should be righteousness and goodness in our hearts. It is an appropriate condition to accept his Spirit of truth and to be led by him. The outiside circumstances can be very complicated, but they do not matter. Only attitude of our heart is important and in the silence we are being called to become his apostles. 

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