Monday, May 7, 2012

Qui diligit me, diligetur a Patre meo (I 14:21)

Whoever loves me will be loved by my Father.

Love is the key not only to human heart, but also to God's heart. The reason is that the answer for love is usually love. And therefore, if you start loving, you will be loved. Furthermore, loving God means receiving much greater love from him. So you must open your heart to begin loving. Then God himself will come to your loving heart. Moreover, God will teach us through his divine love, because he knows that it is the best way to have us understand him. However, some people are not able to comprehend God, because they do not open their hearts to love him. On the other hand, if you love God, you receive his words full of powerful love. Further, God who is love lives in you and fulfills your heart with his Holy Spirit. In addition, keeping his commandments is another proof that you are in love with God. And to fall in love with him means to live always in accordance with his will.   

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