Saturday, May 5, 2012

Non turbetur cor vestrum (I 14:1)

Do not let your hearts be troubled.

O my Lord, Jesus Christ! My heart is so often troubled. In my mind there are so many thoughts and uncertainties. I have so many plans and I would like to do many things. Therefore, all the time I am struggling with myself and puzzling out your will. Obviously, I want to fulfill your plans, but meanwhile I have my own. I think I have faith in you. However, I do not behave as I had it. I have assurance and your words which explain me everything. Nevertheless, I prefer to make and to live my life by my own. O my God, why am I so distrustful, I do not really know. For that reason I ask you again, even though I should have already known your answer. And once more you give me your explanation patiently, because I am your beloved child.   

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