Friday, April 10, 2015

Dominus est! (Jn 21:7)

Jesus Christ reveals himself to us in the places where we live and work. For he does not want to let us be alone in our endeavours and problems. Moreover, he knows that other people are not able to help us in some cases. Obviously the company of friends is supportive and necessary but sometimes we just need the Lord. Especially, when we look for spiritual life or we are in the darkness without any hope. He usually comes unexpectedly and brings light for our souls. The point is to recognize him among our brothers and sisters. Then, we should acknowledge that we are like children without their guard. Similarly we are lost and confused without our Master. We are not even able to fulfil our ordinary tasks without his grace. We just need one word from him which will change our circumstances and attitudes. Following his instructions makes us lucky and satisfied. Overall, we mostly lack his love and presence. If he is with us, nothing can be too difficult or impossible. Since he is the only one who can enkindle the divine fire in our hearts and lead us to the kingdom of God.

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