Saturday, April 18, 2015

“Ego sum, nolite timere!” (Jn 6: 20)

We travel through life as in a boat across the sea. Sometimes we do not even see the shore of our destiny. We move in the darkness and need the light of Jesus. Apart from him we feel lonely and lose meaning in life. The strong waves of troubles hit against our ship and the wind of anxiety changes our course. By ourselves we try to continue our journey but it is usually pointless. We do not even expect the Son of God to intervene on our behalf. Accordingly, we rarely ask him to walk by our side and to support us. Nonetheless, he speaks to our hearts and gently touches our souls. His words always bring peace and strength. If only we could experience his presence, so we beg him to stay with us. Being with Jesus changes everything and he opens for us new perspectives in life. Overall, we do not have to worry any more. We  are really safe under his guidance.

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