Monday, April 27, 2015

Pro ovibus (J 10:15).

Jesus Christ wants to be your shepherd. However, it depends on you if you allow him to lead you. He is ready to offer his life for you because he loves you. But it is up to you if you open your heart for him. Obviously, there are many others who would also like to have an influence on you. They try to cheat you using their skills and power. They have no concern for you and quickly leave you unless you pay them. It is not the case with your Good Shepherd who takes care of you. He is always at your side and knows all your needs. He loves you and in this way fulfils the will of God. He will never change his attitude towards you and will do everything for you. His love is not egoistic but sincere. Since his goal is to gather all the people in the community of believers and introduce them to the heavenly kingdom. There will be a great joy because of the salvation of many men and women. There the good angels and saints will live forever in the presence of the Almighty. Their main task will be praising the Lord, the Holy Spirit and the heavenly Father.

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