Monday, April 6, 2015

Avete (Mt 28:9).

It is high time to announce the Good News not only to others but also to ourselves. Since we all live in sadness, distress and anxiety. But is not our vocation. On the contrary, every day we are to meet Jesus on our way and exchange with him our troubles and joys. We should not be afraid to approach him who is present in the Holy Sacraments, to embrace his Body in the Eucharistic Bread and to do him homage in the church. He is still waiting for us so as to speak to our hearts and to encourage us not to give up. He wants to invite us for the special mission of sharing the Gospel among the people who do not know him. It is even more necessary nowadays in the world which forgets about the Lord and Saviour of humankind. In addition, there are people who choose lies more often than truth in order to convince others of their own point of view. Besides money plays very important role in the society which thinks that everything might be bought. For that reasons, brave Christians are supposed to oppose these wrong attitudes and to participate in evangelisation.

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