Friday, April 17, 2015

Ex Deo est (Acts 5:39).

It is necessary to use reason in our relationship with God and other people. For reason is a gift which comes from our Creator and we are supposed to use it. Too often we let our emotions lead us but it is not the best solution. Contrarily, the reason helps us remember our past and draw a conclusion from our mistakes. Using reason we are able to look to the future and to make the right decisions. Moreover, being sensible means acting patiently and prudently. The reason does not eliminate the faith but rather gives a good foundation for it. And there are some instances when we cannot solve the problem with the use of our human skills, but we need the divine enlightement. If we follow our reason, we may easily avoid the dangerous situations. In every case we know how to behave appropiately and which words we should use. As a result, we enjoy the consequences of our good actions. For our reason brings us closer to the Lord and to his teaching. We become his disciples and praise him forever.

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