Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ego sum panis vitae (Jn 6:35).

You come to Jesus and you never hunger; you believe in him and you never thirst. Since Jesus Christ gives you the fulness of life and everything you need. You meet him in the holy sacraments but you still do not believe in his power. Too difficult is to accept that he really is the Son of God and consequently omnipotent and merciful as his Father. Although the Gospel assures you that your Father cares of you and loves you very much. Therefore, the beloved Son was sent to support you and to save you from the disaster of death. Moreover, the Word of God promises you the eternal life in the heavenly kingdom. You are supposed to participate in the glory of the Holy Trinity and the community of saints. For the time being, you can shout joyfully to God and sing praise to his holy name. You may also worship the Holy Spirit who accompanies you on the journey to your homeland in heaven.

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