Monday, December 10, 2012

Confortate manus dissolutas (Is 35:3).

Strengthen the hands that are feeble.

As human beings we are so weak and unhappy. We do know our limits and that we will not live on the earth forever. Although we are looking forward to joy and peace, we cannot obtain them by ourselves. Therefore, we are to focus on the glory of the Lord who is coming. We need to put our trust in him and be sure that he will strengthen us in our fragility. Accordingly, we will not be afraid any more, but courageous. Since Jesus Christ, the Son of God, wants to be with us and to share his divine graces. With his blessing we will survive everything and recognize the true meaning of our lives. In addition, we will be able to find happiness around us, because we will perceive the reality in the light of the gospel. We will also discover the holy ways among many paths which are proposed to us. On these ways we will meet our Redeemer walking by our side. Following him we will journey and enter the heavenly kingdom which is prepared for us. And knowing that our hearts will be fulfilled with joy and gladness.  

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