Friday, December 7, 2012

Adhuc in modico et in brevi (Is 29:17).

But a very little while ...

The kingdom of God is very close at hand. We just need to open ourselves to receive it in our hearts. We are to open our ears to listen carefully. However, we often are like the deaf people who do not hear the beautiful sounds around them. As a result, we are sad and stressed not finding happiness. It means that we are lacking the divine graces trying to live by our own. However, this kind of life contrains us so that we cannot live in fulness. On the other hand, with God we have nothing to be ashamed of. We become strong and ready to live a holy life. Since we know that our God is among us supporting and encouraging. Thus we keep his name in mind and reverence our Father and Creator. And abiding in his spiritual presence we acquire understanding of everything what is happening in the world. The reason is that he enlightens us and discloses the deep meaning of events. Then, we are not afraid anymore dwelling with him all the days of our life.

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