Saturday, December 15, 2012

Generatio ista similis est pueris (Mt 11:16).

This generation is like children.

We would like to be adults, but behave like children. It is so hard to grow up. We prefer rather to be irresponsible and free. Also we like more playing and enjoying than praying and fasting. For that reason, it is so difficult to be well prepared for the coming of our Lord. Furthermore, we are used to many things and pleasures. We do not want to change anything. Although sometimes we would like to change ourselves, we are not able to do that. The Bible shows us two ways of holy men - one of saint John the Baptist and the other of Jesus Christ. These ways are to be connected. Since we need both to live ascetic life and to love one another. In addition, we ought to spend some time on prayer in silence and other time go to help people in need. In the person of the Son of God we can see these two characteristics. He always fulfilled the will of God and as a result he was very close to the needy. He knew very well how to divide time both for his spirit and for people who surrounded him. In such a way, he did not treat his life as a kind of enjoyment, but as hard work for the salvation of men.

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