Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Praecipitabit faciem vinculi (Is 25:7).

He will destroy the veil.

God does not want any barrier between him and his people. On the contrary, he likes to be our Father and closest Friend. He knows very well what we long for and is ready to wipe our tears away. It is enough to hear his words carefully in order to get to know about his love and kindness. Since as he has promised, he saves us and makes us happy. He is our Shepherd who leads us beside restful waters and in verdant pastures. These waters are the divine graces given to us in the Church. Moreover, through the Scriptures he guides us in the right paths not to walk in the dark valley of sins. He also encourages us to be strong and overcome all the difficulties and troubles. He anoints our heads with the holy sacraments and supports us with the spiritual food during every Eucharist. As a result, only goodness and kindness follow us all the days of our life. Strengthened with this divine food we will attain the heavenly house of the Lord eventually.  

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