Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fluvius aquae vitae (Rv 22:1).

The river of life-giving water.

God fills you with everything which is the best. When you are thirsty, he gives you refreshing water; when you are hungry, he provides you with tasty food. Since every day you are able to attend the holy eucharist and to be enriched with spiritual gifts. In such a way, you can grow up and become much wiser. On the other hand, the people who live by their own have to work hard to gain happiness and peace. However, they will never get that in full measure because the true treasures are only in God himself. In addition, you are created to rest in him and your heart can find no peace but in him. Accordingly, it is enough to sit down and just look upon his face being hidden in the holy sacraments. During such a contemplation you receive the divine light and are able to share its rays with others. Sometimes you also hear him speak words which are trustworthy and true. Finally, you do realize that God your Father teaches you and sends his Spirit to guide you in your life.

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