Sunday, December 2, 2012

Suscitabo verbum bonum (Jer 33:14).

I will fulfill the promise.

Nothing is more certain than knowledge of God being faithful and trustworthy. For if he says something, it is always true. If he promises that he is coming, we are to be ready because it will happen in a short time. He does want to guard us and lead through the history of our life. He is eager to teach us how to live a good life and give example to others. Therefore, we should often lift up our souls to the Lord. Also we ought to be watchful and opened for his message. We are to acknowledge him as our saviour and redeemer. Consequently, we will experience how sweet and upright is the Lord. And he will show us his kindness and constancy. Since he never leaves his friends and desires to abide with them all the time. If we stand in his presence, he makes us increase and abound in love. Further, he strengthens our heart and cleanses it to be holy and blameless. So let us conduct ourselves to please him and God will fulfill his promises for sure. 

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