Friday, November 23, 2012

Accipe et devora illum (Rv 10:9).

Take and swallow it.

The orders given to us by God we must do. It is for our happiness and peace. Although they sometimes may seem unreasonable, we are to follow God's instructions. Though we do not understand them, we should trust our Lord completely. It is always good for our inner life and our progress in faith. Furthermore, if we take his words seriously, we will become joyful and free. Since God's wisdom is much more certain than any other news from the world. The reason is that God speaks to our heart and mind directly. Also he knows us through and nothing could be hidden from his sight. When he enters our soul, the inward mess must be cleaned. For there is no place for good and evil in our heart at the same time. The Spirit of God wants to dwell in us to make us a holy temple. Therefore we need to be prepared to accept this grace with love and willingness. Otherwise, the God's blessing will pass us by and we will not take the opportunity of his coming.

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