Monday, November 26, 2012

Generatio quaerentium faciem Dei (Ps 24:5).

The race that seeks the face of the God.

The vocation of human beings is to seek their Creator. He is not far away but close at hand in the world. It means that he is among us all the time. However, we usually have lots of work and do not recognize him. Nonetheless, we are able to ascend the mountain of the Lord. We just need to cleanse our mind and with sinless heart start loking for him. He is always ready to bless our life and to show us his majesty and splendor. In his presence we do experience divine peace and terrific happiness. Therefore so important is longing to see his face. Many saints had such an experience and saw the eternal Kingdom of God. They looked at thousands of people and angels praising him in the heaven. In addition, they heard beautiful songs and tunes of harps. Let us follow their longings so that we could join the choirs of holy ones too.

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