Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Qui testificatus est verbum Dei (Rv 1:2).

Witness to the word of God.

Jesus comes into the world and chooses his disciples to preach the Good News. His apostles are to be witnesses to the words of God among nations. First of all, they have to experience themselves how great God's love is. Later they are to write it down and to share their testimony with others. And blessed are those who accept their prophetic message. Thus the Gospel is spreading throughout the world. Accordingly grace and peace accompany the evangelization. The reason is that the Holy Spirit works in all people who open their hearts and supports them to meet the Lord in the holy sacraments. As a result, they become able to suffer for Christ's sake and overcome all kinds of difficulties. Furthermore, they do keep their love towards God and never loose it. In such a way they are good witnesses to the truth of the Gospel. 

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