Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Qui vicerit, sic vestietur vestimentis albis (Rv 3:5).

The victor will be dressed in white.

The most important goal of our life is holiness. Accordingly, the word of God wants us to be dressed in white. It means without any sin, guilt or stain. Moreover, it encourages us to hear and watch all the time. Since we are used to forget whose children we are and where we come from. Therefore we are to remind ourselves who our Creator is and who takes care of us. Every day Jesus Christ is coming and asking us to open our hearts. But we usually are not ready yet. We are preparing ourselves but not ready. It is a great pity. However Jesus desires to sanctify us and to change our souls to be his dwelling place. His Spirit is hovering around us but our windows are still closed. For that reason, the Scriptures bid us hear and see what is going on. Also the whole creation is crying out and giving witness that God is present among us. Nevertheless, we are lukewarm to accept this testimony. We ought to buy white garments of faith and love to put on so that our shameful nakedness of indifference may not be exposed.  

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