Friday, November 2, 2012

In manu Dei (Wis 3:1).

In the hand of God.

Sometimes we feel lonely. It happens because of many reasons. In this condition we usually forget that we are in the hand of our God and no torment can touch us. Neither danger, nor power, nor even a death is able to break this connection between us and our Creator. Keeping it in mind we are to stay in peace. Having been chastised a little, we will be greatly blessed. Furthermore, we are always blessed if we abide in the presence of God. Since his light and love shine through the darkness of our sinfulness and make our life happy and peaceful. They who trust in him understand all the truth and know how to become holy. The divine grace and mercy are the only way which leads us to restful water in order to refresh our souls. Consequently, we are not afraid of evil as his presence gives us courage. Moreover, We are welcome to the Kingdom of Heaven where the marvellous feast is prepared for us. There only goodness and kindness abide forever and ever. And there is a place at the right hand of our Father.

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