Monday, November 12, 2012

Secundum communem fidem (Ti 1:4).

In our common faith.

As Christians we have our common faith in Jesus Christ. We do believe that he chooses us to be his disciples. As a result, we are to give testimony to others. Since we are sure of the hope of eternal life. And we are to witness that God is worthy to be trusted. It is an honourable task to preach the Gospel among the nations. In addition, Christ often wants us to become his apostles and to be blameless. It is the best way to give an example for people who do not believe at all. Therefore, we are to be God's stewards, not arrogant, not irritable, not aggressive, not greedy. On the contrary, hospitable, temperate, just, holy and self-controlled. And these characteristics are to be followed in our daily life. In such a way, we will be worthy to be called Christians. And people will be astonished seeing us follow Christ. Subsequently, they will join us in ascending the spiritual mountain in order to stand in the holy place of the heavenly kingdom. However, it is only possible with sinless hands and clean heart.  

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