Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mihi enim vivere Christus est (Phil 1:21).

For me life is Christ.

The Son of God, Jesus Christ, is present in the world through all the creation. He is a Word of God which has creative power and keeps in being all the creatures. Knowing it we are to rejoice in him all the time. Since his Spirit is acting and supporting us in our troubles. We sometimes lose our hope and cannot find a light in our life. In this case we are supposed to remind ourselves that we are not alone. For he is our life, truth and way. We are only to follow him and everything will be all right. Encouraged by him we do experience his presence in our hearts. And in such a way we are able to magnify him in our body whether by life or by death. For if we are in him, we are alive and nothing can separate us from him. He is our inmost being where we take our strength from. He is like a source of our life. This we know with confidence which makes us progress in holiness. As a result, we become more humble as we acknowledge that without him we are nothing. 

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