Monday, November 5, 2012

Consolatio in Christo (Phil 2:1).

Encouragement in Christ.

We often feel weak and need strength from above. As human beings we are fragile and can be easily hurt. For that reason, we do look for encouragement from the Son of God. In him we find solace as we take part in his Spirit. In addition, through his grace we do rejoice and have power to fulfill our daily tasks. He gives us the example of living with love on the world. He is never selfish and does not do anything out of vainglory. On the contrary, he is so humble that his lifestyle teaches us to regard others as more important than ourselves. Accordingly, we are to forget about our own interests in order to find peace and joy in our life. Further, we need not busy ourselves with great things nor too sublime for us. Rather, we ought to be stilled and quieted as weaned children on their mothers' lap because God is guarding us all the time. Overall, we do place our trust in him as he promises us the resurrection and happiness in his kingdom of heaven.

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