Tuesday, November 6, 2012

In similitudinem hominum (Phil 2:6).

The form of a slave.

It is interesting that God in all his splendor wanted to be seen as a poor human being. This attitude means that he is very humble and is not going to impose his will on people. On the other hand, humans like to make themselves powerful. They are happy as they are independent and rule others. God is very different in his style and character. He'd rather to be slave and the least among his creatures. The Lord of life even accepted death to show us his humbleness. And it was not an usual one but on the cross which is the symbol of shame and disgrace. However, it is his way and we are not able to understand that. Nevertheless, his name is above every name and everything of those is heaven and on earth and under the earth bows down before him. Since in his humbleness he is powerful. For that reason people do praise him and fulfill their vows. In such a way, he rules the nations and human hearts. Never by force, but always by love and his kindness.  

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