Saturday, March 9, 2019

Appropinquare Deum (Is 58:2)

Lent is the special time when you can come closer to the Lord. But it depends on your choice. You need to ask yourself if you want to regret your sins. You are to think whether everything is all right in your behaviour. You have to understand that you are a weak person who needs the divine grace to live. Deep in your heart there is desire to gain access to God. However, you sometimes waste your time and focus on other things.
The Lent gives you a chance to return to the source of life. So forget quarreling and fighting. Stop using your electronic devices which disturb you for a while. Try to spend at least one day of the week only with your beloved One – Jesus Christ. During your fast pray more for your sisters and brothers who are close to you. This is the fasting that the Lord wishes. In this way you will improve your relationship with God and also with other people. Moreover, you will become a free person. Since you will see that you are able to stop doing too many things.
During the Lent the most important task is to be with your Lord. But also you should try to help your friends who are oppressed and suffering. You are to provide the necessary goods for the needy. Use the occation to become more sympathetic and to share your inner light with those who abide in darkness. Thus, your own wounds will also be healed. The grace of the Lord will be your strength and guard. Your prayers will make miracles in the world – in your soul and the hearts of all the people who meet you. Overall, you will feel the presence of God around you.­­­

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