Friday, February 22, 2019

Filius Dei vivi (Mt 16:16)

Every day Jesus asks you the question concerning your thoughts about him. So each day you are supposed to answer for his question sincerely. While you pray, you need to know with whom you are talking. While you read the Holy Bible, you should remember who the Author is. While you sing before the altar, you are to be aware who listens to your songs.
It is not so important what others think about Jesus. The most important is your own answer from the depth of your heart. Have you already told Jesus about your thoughts and ideas? Do you recognize him as your Friend, Master, Lord, Bridegroom or someone else?
Maybe today is a good occasion to meditate and find the answer. The truth is that Jesus Christ is close to you, always alive and present in your soul. If you keep it in mind, you feel blesssed and very joyful. For where the Lord is, there is also happiness, peace and love. Do not forget that your answer should come from your heart. Not from books, lectures, opinions of other people, but from your inner being. It is more about feeling, not about finding out the answer.
If you get your own answer for the question of Jesus, you will also understand yourself much better. For knowing Christ is at the same time knowing yourself. You are strong because the Son of God lives in you and you are wise because you have his divine light. Overall, it is your mission to know who Jesus Christ is. You need to remember how precious you are with Jesus in your heart. As a rusult, you can share your experience with sisters and brothers.

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