Monday, February 18, 2019

Ingredere arcam (Gn 7:1)

As human beings we make mistakes and also commit sins. Sometimes we get disappointed because we do not want to do wrong but again and again we behave badly. We have many earthly desires and longings. The same happens with our plans and ideas. We become sad when our dreams do not come true. It is like that because we are fragile humans not holy angels. 
Nonetheless, we have to keep in mind that we are children of God who is perfect and holy. The heavenly Father wishes his daughters and sons be innocent and pure. He does not want us to suffer because of our mistakes and sins. On the contrary, he always wants our happiness. For he has created the beautiful earth to make us joyful in it. When he sees our sins and weaknesses, he is very sorry.
God the Father sent his beloved Son to organize the community of believers - the Church. The Son of God taught us the Good News and gave us holy sacraments. Consequently, we have the Ark where we always can find refuge and strength. In the church we stand in the presence of God. There our souls are being cleansed and sanctified. In the arms of our Lord, we experience true love and from his hands we receive gifts of the Holy Spirit. Accordingly, we start to rejoice and praise God with a new heart. Moreover, in the holy Eucharist we are being enriched by the divine grace. As Christians we are sure that God's love never ends. Therefore, we share the Good News with our sisters and brothers.  

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