Thursday, February 21, 2019

Sine intermissione orate (1 Tes 5:17)

The power of prayer is tremendous! I wonder whether there are people who have not prayed at all, at least once in their life time. Prayer erupts positive feelings in the hearts of the one who prays and the same feelings are shared in a most inexplicable way. Every thought can connect us with other people. When one prays certainly the divine grace works and creates its effects in the human hearts. 
Praying together binds hearts in a most mysterious manner. It anchors all those involved in the holy ground. No wonder, family prayers play a great role in anchoring the family in love. Praying together is possible in many ways such as: in the physical presence, praying over the phone, vocal and in silence, releasing positive thoughts, writing prayer in the air, writing prayer in a paper, sending prayer messages, sending uplifting pictures, going for pilgrimage, making sacrifices joyfully, following certain rituals, etc. One may even keep fast or abstinence with the particular intention of the other. One can find one’s own pious practices that would help him/her to pray better.
The modern electronic gadgets in a way aid us to pray together and stay connected. Prayer can alleviate pain, ease tension, erase ill feeling and mediate healing and wholeness. Let's us be the channel of hope to those millions who have none. Make a call today to someone in need and pray together for a while in silence or oral. You will be blessed with a miracle sooner or later!

Sr Jessy Paul SSpS

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