Monday, January 13, 2014

Palam verbum loquebatur (Mk 8:32).

He said this plainly.

Jesus speaks to me openly and directly. But from my side I do not want to hear the truth about myself. I prefer to choose what is convenient and easy but not everything. For that reason, I need to forget the old way of thinking in order to comprehend his plans. I ought not to be a teacher for Jesus but he must be the only one for me. For he knows the right meaning of the Scriptures but I do not. Nonetheless, I would like only to pick up the pleasant news from the Bible while there are also the unpleasant ones. The difficult truths are to impact on me most and to change my attitude towards life. However, I would rather escape from such places which cause me suffer. I do not like to read the painful chapters of my history. Despite that fact Jesus approaches as the healer of my heart and consoles me with his grace. Sometimes it seems to hurt at the beginning but afterwards I feel much better and am cured of my diseases. Jesus Christ always shows me the best solution and the simplest way to the kingdom of God. Although it leads through the cross of pain, it ends in the everlasting joy.  For it is all about the salvation of my soul and the deliverance from the power of evil.

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