Sunday, January 12, 2014

Audite (Mk 4:3).


My problem is how to distinguish my own thoughts from the voice of God. Although the words of God are being announced to me all the time, I often hear my own ideas rather than the wisdom of God. His message is hidden from the ears of my heart. For that reason, again and again I need to open it for the gentle voice of the Spirit. However, sometimes I do not pay attention while listening to the Scripture and the words of wisdom are being lost by me. Sometimes my soul is like a hard rock because of my sins which I even do not recognize. Other time I am so exhausted that I am not able to meditate at all. Very often my own business makes me unable to enter into the dialogue with my Lord. But there are also moments in my life when I am well prepared for the Good News. Then I am enlighted by the mysterious truths which gladden my tired mind and water my thirsty soul. These beautiful encounters with the Word of God let me grow up in faith, increase my knowledge and bid me yield much fruit. Consequently, I can share with my sisters and brothers the secrets of the kingdom of God. So I am very grateful that the Holy Spirit sends the grace of the divine wisdom into my heart and enkindles it with the spiritual flame.

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