Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Deus meus, Deus meus (Mk 15:34).

My God, my God!

When darkness appears in my life, I am to pray to God intensively. However, I often do not practise such a prayer. Usually in times of distress, I am sad and do not feel like praying at all. I would rather relax and spend some time with friends in order to forget about my troubles. Of course, people try to help me but sometimes some matters they cannot resolve. For there are issues which can be enlighted only by the divine grace. There are wounds that can be healed just by the Lord. For that reason, I should come closer to God and speak out all my problems. In this way every trouble and distress can be overcome. Since the Spirit of God is the master of consolation and always eager to answer my pleading. The point is that I have to believe in his divine power. I mustn't doubt that God is really able to change everything according to his will. I cannot keep the distance between the God's Spirit and mine. And this distance can be annihilated thanks to the ardent love of heart. From my side I only need to open the door of my soul and invite my God. Actually, he has already been there waiting in front of my entrance to welcome him warmly. 

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