Friday, January 10, 2014

Tu es Filius meus dilectus (Mk 1:11).

You are my beloved Son.

It is always nice to receive good news at the beginning of the New Year. This time I again heard that I was the beloved child of God. This joyful tidings came during my retreats as I was meditating on the beginning of the first chapter of the Gospel according to Mark. I was also told that I had to prepare my way for the Lord and to listen to his voice carefully. Obviously, I need much more time to become like the prophet John the Baptist. Nonetheless, it is still my vocation to be a good priest serving people with the sacrament of reconciliation. For the time being my whole soul is eagerly searching for the encounter with Jesus Christ so that I could share this experience with others. Nothing do I need more than to follow the Son of God and to learn from him. For that reason, I am to humble myself and to kneel before my Lord in order to receive his Holy Spirit. In this way, I will be cleansed from my iniquities and weaknesses. Thus, I will be able to hear the good news saying that I am being loved by my Heavenly Father as well. As a result, I will be the happy witness to God who loved the world so much that he gave his beloved Son for it.

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