Thursday, January 16, 2014

Orto iam sole (Mk 16:2).

The sun had risen.

Love is the best way to God. It wakes you up, makes you act and search for the Lord. With love in your heart you are able to perceive his holy presence around you in the beauty of nature, and in the goodness of people and in the mystery of sacraments. Love rolls away the heavy stone of sin which separates your heart from the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Love helps you get out of the dark tomb of pessimism and see the new prospects of life. Although your weaknesses seem terrifying, you can be astonished how large the power of love is. If only you enter into the real relationship with the Lord, you will experience how much he loves you. For he is constantly capable of dying for you and giving you everything. Having been given such great love, you cannot stay and keep it just for yourself. You must go and announce the healing and awe-inspiring love of the Savior. You are not to flee from the task of the new evangelization so as not to become a dumb witness to his resurrection. Overall, the Spirit of love accompanies you all the time.

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