Thursday, December 4, 2014

Ascendens in montem (Mt 15:29).

Jesus very often goes up into the hills and prays. In this way He shows me how I ought to act during the Advent. I need to spend more time just before my heavenly Father and tell Him about my joys and sorrows. There I am being cured from my diceases and weaknesses. My Father eagerly waits to listen and wants to share with me the spiritual graces. But my main problem is that I am too much self-concerned. Therefore He opens my eyes for the needs of the poor, the sick and those who suffer. He asks me to forget about myself and to help my neighbours. So today with Saint Francis Xavier I pray for all non-believers in the world and for Christians who do not have a deep relation with their Father in heaven. May they experience the beauty of creation in order to adore its Creator.   

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