Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Paenitentia motus (Mt 21:29).

It is so important to think about your deeds all the time. Because sometimes you even do not know if you act well or wrong. The Advent is good time to meditate on your own behavior. If you are not rebellious nor defiled nor tyrannic towards others. Moreover, how is your relationship with God. Do you listen carefully to His call and learn His lesson. Perhaps you do not pay attention to His words in the Holy Scripture and therefore you are confused what to do now and in your future. These are the crucial questions before Christmus. The Lord wants you to trust Him and draw near to Him. What will be your answer? Will you invoke the name of the Lord to help you live a decent life and become a humbly and lowly person? Let Him remove your proud heart! Thus you will be able to rest with no one and nothing to disturb you.

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