Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fiduciam habemus ad Deum (2 Cor 3:4).

Our qualification comes from God.

Apart of God we are miserable and poor. But with God we become valuable and strong. Therefore, all good which comes from us has its source in the Holy Spirit. In addition, we are able to be ministers of God thanks to his grace. Consequently, we preach the Good News and testify that Jesus Christ is present among us through his Spirit. This Spirit strengthens and encourages us to share the divine gifts with others. Thus, our ministry as Christians is glorious and helpful for the people in need. Since they can experience the holiness and kindness of the Lord. As a result, all believers want to extol and worship God. For whenever we call upon the Lord, he answers us and teaches the ways of righteousness. Accordingly, we are expected to obey his commandments so as to join the community of the greatest in the Kindom of heaven.  

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