Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cum vidisset gratiam Dei (Acts 11:24).

When he saw the grace of God.

The grace of God is still keeping the universe in existence. Since every creature receives life through it. However, human beings usually do not recognize it. The reason is that they do not use their inner senses to perceive God's presence. But when they do, their lives change completely. They are glad and encouraged by the Lord. In addition, they are able to remain faithful to God in firmness of heart. Their strength comes from the Holy Spirit and in such a way they give good example to non-believers. As a result, many people can become Christians too. There are various vocations among them and they constitute the large family of God's children. As they pray together, the Holy Spirit fulfills their souls and makes them apostles to the world. Accordingly, they listen to the divine voice and do whatever they are asked for. Thus, the Good News spreads throughout the world and changes the face of the earth. 

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