Monday, June 17, 2013

In multa patientia (2 Cor 6:4).

Through much endurance.

Every day I receive the grace of God in order to cooperate with it. I must not keep it just for myself. On the contrary, I am being supported by the Lord so as to help my sisters and brothers. Therefore the time I live now is the most suitable to share all the divine graces. For my salvation does happen today. Obviously, I make many mistakes and am not without fault. Nonetheless, I try to be the best minister of God as I can. Although I lack endurance, I ask my Lord to sustain me in afflictions, hardships and all kinds of difficulties. As a result, I am able to survive though I am very weak on my own. The reason is that the Holy Spirit fulfills my soul and strengthens my body. Encouraged by the power of God I carry on struggling with my weaknesses and conquering  the evil one. Furthermore, I never give up but stand face to face with troubles. Overall, I always rejoice in the Spirit and am able to enrich many with manifold blessings from the Lord.

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