Saturday, June 8, 2013

Invenerunt illum in templo (Lk 2:46).

They found him in the temple.

As Christians we are supposed to look for and to find Christ. Accordingly, each day we pray and listen to the words from the Scriptures. Also we are given special days to intensify our endeavours. Nonetheless, we lose Jesus in our daily tasks and obligations. Since we are engaged so much in the earthly matters that we forget about the heavenly ones. Consequently, we use rather our minds than hearts to perceive the reality. And it is our big problem for not only our thinking but also faith is the foundation of the whole truth. Therefore, we need to spend more time in the holy temple where we can abide in the presence of God. As a result, our perspective will be changed and we will understand more things. In addition, we will be astonished by the Lord's point of view and abashed by ours. Of course we are not able to comprehend all the divine wisdom but even a bit of it can have enormous impact on our lives. Overall, we are to be obedient to the Wisdom of God who dwells among us and teaches us in the depth of our heart. 

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