Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Crede Domino (Gn 15:6).

Put your faith in the Lord.

If you put your faith in the Lord, you do not fear. For God is your shield in the times of distress and troubles. You can ask him for everything and it will be granted to you. You can share all your problems with him and they will be resolved. Since your God is listening to you carefully and does not let you suffer too much. He will answer and encourage your heart. His words will bring hope to you. And his signs will ensure you that your God is on your side. But the point is to believe in his promises and to follow his advice. Accordingly, you will be brought from the difficult circumstances and see the new perspectives. Thus you will be thankful and ready to offer your life to the Lord. You only must not lose your faith, though the terrifying darkness envelopes you. For like the Sun rises up after night, similarly the fire of the Holy Spirit appears and enlightens everything. In such a way, God acts in your life and makes  covenant with you.

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