Sunday, June 9, 2013

Neque per hominem (Gal 1:1).

Not of human origin.

I am always between heaven and earth. On the one hand I have my physical body and on the other spiritual soul. Consequently, I cannot be focused on just on the material things, but also on the divine matters. This spiritual part of mine pulls me into the mysteries I cannot perceive with my own eyes. On the contrary, the senses of my body long to be satisfied with the fleeting pleasures. Thus, I am still fighting to keep the proper balance. However, I am not an angel who never makes mistakes. Unfortunately, I sometimes make wrong choices which lead to suffering. After all I always trust in God who calls me through his grace. For that reason, I do not give up and every day try again to become better and better. This endeavor helps me to survive the worse days of my life. Since I know for sure that there is something divine in me which is not of human origin. 

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