Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Consolamini populum meum (Is 40:1).

Give comfort to my people.

Our human condition often makes us sad and distressed. On the one hand we are strong and immortal, and on the other we are weak and obey the law of death. Therefore, the Lord wants to strengthen and comfort us. Through the holy Scriptures he enlightens us and warrants that the salvation is waiting for us. Thus, we hear his gentle voice calling us to prepare ourselves for his coming. We are able to make our best so as to wait in patience for his grace. Thanks to the divine gift all of us can be cleansed and open for the Holy Spirit. Yet on the earth we might participate in the communion with God. Although we are fragile, we always can turn our attention towards the Lord. We may experience his presence among us and his power which secures the whole universe. In the Son of God we find the sense of our life and the wonderful reward after our struggles. Eventually, in the Father's arms we are to discover our home full of peace and love.

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