Thursday, December 5, 2013

Aperite portas (Is 26:2).

Open up the gates.

You want to be strong. You like to depend on yourself and your own ideas. Yet the truth is that you are not independent. From time to time you need someone to help you. And it is normal that you share your problems with others. The Lord also tries to bring you help. But you are to open your heart for his grace. You cannot shut the gates of your soul while he is knocking. Of course, this attitude towards God needs deep faith and strong hope that a real Person is waiting for your openess. In this way you will experience the divine peace which is the gift of the Holy Spirit. Since after making your soul open, you will discover that only God is an eternal Rock. If you humble yourself before the Lord, you will receive his strength to cope with everything. Otherwise, you will be weak and easily depressed all the time.

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