Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Misereor (Mt 15:32).

My heart is moved with pity.

Many people are in need. For that reason, as a member of the human family you are to turn your attention towards them. You have to step aside from your ambitions and plans in order to focus on others. If you do that, you see a great crowd of men who is looking for help. They lack different things - some just food, some friendship and love. There is always something you can share with them. But the point is to see their problems and to open your heart for them. Obviously, you are not powerful to solve all the problems of the world, but you are able to sympathize to them. You can stay with them and listen to their stories. Afterwards, you may tell them about Jesus Christ the Son of God who is present in the holy Eucharist to feed them with the divine graces. There everyone can eat and be satisfied. For it is the place where people participate in the treasures of the heavenly Kingdom.

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